From a small 70’s style kitchen in Brewster, NY, Lisa—mom of 7-year-old Emi and 16-year-old Derek—set out to do the impossible: make a healthy, flavorful breakfast treat that would satisfy everyone in the house. Lisa knew she found something special when, not only her husband . . . but both kids . . . went absolutely bananas over her buttery, crunchy, flakey, naturally sweetened homemade granola.

Organic. Vegan. Gluten-free. Paleo. No processed sugar. Activated. No artificial anything. And so delicious, even the pickiest kids ask for more! This, Lisa could tell, was a treat worth sharing with the world. Especially families looking for that “unicorn” breakfast or on-the-go snack the whole family can enjoy.

Handmade for Families—From Ours to Yours

Once Lisa started sharing it with friends and family, so many said it was the BEST granola they’d ever tasted. Everyone kept begging her to make it again and again. Better yet? Everyone found it super easy to enjoy on-the-go—trips to the playground, in the car, around campfires with friends, on flights, in airports, family movie night. You name it!

Now, Lisa and her husband, Rene, work together to craft handmade granola and teas using only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients. They care deeply about what they put into the bodies of themselves, their family members, and YOU. They’re committed to quality, and their ultimate goal is to share delicious and healthy products with others who value the same high standards of what they consume.

Crafted with Care

Our Mission

We create products that...

are artisanally crafted in small batches

are made with the highest quality organic & natural ingredients

are made without any artificial ingredients

are loaded with nutrients for a healthier mind and body

you feel good sharing with your family

everyone in your family will LOVE

taste amazing and make you feel joyful!

Emi's Garden Granola and Tea
Emi's Garden Logo, Granola and Tea

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