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Let’s talk tea.

My thoughts have been focused on tea recently while I’ve been trying to combat seasonal allergies. I LOVE Spring, but the pollen outside during this time of year really dampens the fun I get to have outdoors. I’m currently working on a blog post detailing natural remedies that have helped me cope (stay tuned for that!). I’m also brewing up ideas for a special tea blend designed to support the transition into Spring. Exciting updates coming your way soon! 🤗

On the topic of teas, I’ve been indulging in our organic, caffeine-free herbal blends, particularly our Lemon Explosion. I make a big batch in the morning and sip on it throughout the day and it really sets the tone for a calm and uplifting day.

I’ve had some wonderful conversations about our teas with customers during events and I wanted to share the scoop with you here. 🥰


I love all of our teas, but our Balance blend holds a special place in my heart. Perfect for any time of day (even right before bed), this blend calms the mind and soothes the nervous system, leaving you feeling centered and serene.

With a mix of chamomile, calendula, holy basil, rose petals, hawthorn leaf, violet, nettle leaf, motherwort, and cardamom, each sip brings a delicate balance of flavors — I especially love the subtle hints of rose and cardamom. I typically add local honey to my teas, but I don’t need to with our Balance blend. As the name implies, it’s perfectly balanced. 😄

Brain Power

I created our Brain Power blend after Rene and I had Covid for the first time and had a really difficult time with memory loss and mental fog. This blend, infused with gotu kola, holy basil, ginkgo biloba, St. John’s wort, and chamomile, helped to sharpen our focus, boost memory, and enhance productivity. It’s ideal to drink in the morning, starting your day on a clear, energized note.

Lemon Explosion

Our Lemon Explosion tea is like a burst of sunshine in a cup and has a light lemony flavor from the lemon balm, lemongrass, lemon verbena, and spearmint.

Our social media guru, Grace, mentioned that she drinks our Lemon Explosion tea in the morning (instead of coffee) and have noticed that her feelings of anxiety have lessened, which she was really excited about!

This herbal tea blend has a joyful, calming, and uplifting effect on the mind and body. It also acts as a natural digestive tonic and can be enjoyed before or after meals, or right before bed as a natural insomnia remedy. It’s fantastic any time of the day, really. This may be your new favorite tea blend!

Tea Infuser

We’ve got you covered if you don’t have an infuser for your dried (or fresh) herbs — or if you need a new one. This fine basket infuser is eco-friendly, compact, and made in the USA. I use it every single morning when I’m brewing my tea for the day and it fits into just about any mug. It’s one of my favorite kitchen accessories. ❤️

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