Easy Three Minute Yogurt Parfait

Emi's Garden Granola and Tea

I absolutely LOVE this image captured by our incredibly talented photographer, Carmine Picarello, along with his wife, Rebecca Newman. They beautifully photographed a parfait they created using our delicious Just Granola. It’s so inviting that I just want to leap right into the screen and devour it all. 🙂

Yogurt parfaits are so easy to make, taking three minutes or even less. All you need are these simple ingredients:


  • Your favorite yogurt
  • Fresh fruit (we love any combination of berries, peaches, plums, bananas, cherries, pineapple, kiwis, and mango)
  • Emi’s Garden granola!


Let your creativity run wild as you’re putting your parfait together. This is also a fun activity for kids to make on their own — simply lay out the ingredients and watch them create their own masterpieces!

Speaking of creativity, our amazing teammate, Grace, made a delicious parfait and shared a video of the process on our Tik Tok page. Curious to see? Check it out here!

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Emi's Garden Granola and Tea
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