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We take immense pride in the clean and simple ingredients we use in all of our products. ❤️

It’s incredible to think about how far I’ve come from indulging in Friendly’s Peanut Butter Cup Sundaes and fast food every day in my teens & early 20’s — to shopping at farmers markets and local health food stores, paying close attention to what my family and I put into our bodies, and making food from scratch.

Back in 2009, shortly after Derek was born, I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and was in one of the last live classes that was held in NYC. The energy was palpable, the experts we learned from were top notch, and I was able to put aside being a mom for a bit to focus on something I was also very passionate about.

I realized that what we put into our bodies directly affects how we feel each day – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I was dealing with post-partum depression when Derek was a baby and was doing everything in my power to feel good. Making and eating a tray of chocolate chip cookies every day may have been helping me emotionally for a few minutes, but was making everything worse in the grand scheme of things.

Once I learned how to incorporate whole, real foods into my diet, along with my family’s diet, I began to feel much better. Being outside in nature, moving my body, taking supplements, and spending more time doing things I loved also helped me heal.

(Don’t miss a fun throwback video of yours truly on the Renegade Health Show, whipping up homemade baby food with a special ‘constipation buster’ tip. 😂)

At the heart of our brand lies a dedication to quality. We craft each product using organic ingredients, raw nuts, and locally sourced maple syrup. Our products are free from gluten, oats, animal products, processed sugars, and artificial ingredients. We’re committed to making granola that not only makes you feel good, but is also easy to digest, gives you energy, and is beyond your taste bud’s expectations. 🤗

Every batch of our granola is lovingly handcrafted by Rene and myself in small batches. We begin by soaking our nuts before combining them with our other wholesome ingredients, which results in an activated granola that’s easier to digest with all nutrients intact.

After a 24 hour dehydration process, each package of granola is filled with love and care, ready to be enjoyed by you. ❤️

We love hearing about how much you enjoy our granola and how different it is from anything else on the market. We also love hearing your feedback about how we can improve. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time with your thoughts — we’re here to listen and learn! 🥰

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