Embracing Self-Love: A Valentine’s Day Reminder to Prioritize Your Well-being

To be honest, although Valentine’s Day isn’t a big celebration in our home, it’s a nice reminder for us to express love and appreciation for those in our lives — whether it’s our partner, friends, family, or most importantly, ourselves. ❤️

The concepts of self-care and self-love often get tossed around, but they’re something we truly need to prioritize. Just like the safety instructions on an airplane remind us to secure our own oxygen masks before assisting others, caring for ourselves is essential.

I was thinking about this while listening to the We Can Do Hard Things podcast – Episode 274: What Is Our Rage Telling Us? featuring Dr. Becky Kennedy during my drive home after dropping Emi off at school. They were talking about ‘Mom Rage’ and how it can surface when anger, overwhelm, and lack of paying attention to your needs builds up…and then it all boils over.

This resonates whether or not you have children. It’s essential to prioritize self-care, to extend love to ourselves, and to tune into our needs.

Dr. Becky suggests a practical step during the podcast: carving out time for yourself. Start with an hour each week. Block out that time in your calendar and guard it — don’t let anything derail it! You deserve and need this time for yourself. Experiment with different activities during this time if you’re unsure where to begin!

This Valentine’s Day, we want to encourage you to take a moment for yourself — to indulge in something you love or simply to appreciate the person you’ve become. You are immensely deserving of love, kindness, compassion, and empathy. 🥰

Sending heaps of love your way!!

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